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Many people have a rather negative impression about group travel: a chaotic group with red hats and nameplates running after the guide’s bright-coloured umbrella, stopping for an instant in front of an attraction and then rushing off to see the next one.

We instead have a very positive view – you just have to do it right!

Group travel offers a possibility to experience a lot at a very reasonable price, as there is ’a lot to share’, the expenses on transport, for example. When travelling with a group, you also have the possibility to visit places where an individual traveller could not even enter. A group usually consists of people with similar personalities and interests - an excellent opportunity to make new friends. But we must also remember that a group is made up of individuals, and that every individual has his own expectations and his own background; therefore the tour has to be planned according to this.

We at FIVE SEASONS plan our own group products as well as organize group tours in co-operation with other Scandinavian travel agencies. Our great advantage is that we have a vast experience both in the planning and in the organizing sectors. In the planning process it is very important to negotiate, so that the expectations and special requirements of each group can be fulfilled. In the organizing phase it is important to follow the plan, but the skill to find an alternative has also proved necessary. Feedback is part of successful travel operating – it helps to make the next trip even better.

We plan wine and gastronomy tours, visits to trade fairs and events, organize tours for sports and choral groups, for conference attendants – in fact any kind of group travel.

Welcome to individual group travel!