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Who are we?
We are a Danish-Italian incoming travel agency situated in Italy. Our office is in Bardolino, on Lake Garda, and we operate all over Italy. Our connections are mainly with Nordic customers and our aim is to be an inspiring and professional co-operative partner to our customers.Our Managing Director, Ole Dyck-Madsen, has been in tourism since 1989, operating mainly in Italy, on Lake Garda and in the skiing centres, and he is also the person to talk about golf.

Scandinavian quality and the Italian way of life ‘dolce vita’
The services of FIVE SEASONS cover the whole of Italy and its surrounding areas, such as Croatia and the French Riviera. We work mainly with Nordic travel agencies and our staff speaks Finnish, English and German, as well as talian and the Scandinavian languages. A wide co-operative network, good knowledge of local sites and customs, together with years of experience with Scandinavian tourism and tourists, has formed a good basis for creating high quality tours. We also know the meaning of the word ’service’.

Italy, difficulty – and freedom of choice
Our production is vast because the supply is vast, since we have chosen Italy as our travel product – a country that has almost an endless variety of attractions, culture, gastronomy, nature and sports. We aim at a high-level individuality when choosing hotels, restaurants and other travel producers. Comfort, quality, atmosphere and a good relation between quality and price are important factors to us.

What do you expect from your agent in Italy?
Besides the usual agency tasks, such as hotel and ticket reservations, we aim, at least partly, to exceed our clients’ expectations. We might even interfere with your plans by suggesting new ideas. Sometimes we may even say no to an offer, as one of our main objectives is to guarantee the best product for our clients, using our experience and connections, without however, compromising our own standards of quality and service. What more could you ask from your agent in Italy!